Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recently Elly tran ha covered several Vietnamese fashion magazine magazines, hot scale upgrade, the Elly's milk machines ( almost nude breasts) pulled almost out her Brah, Her fans shouted: "This smooth Peach is super attractive!" However, some people do not like her so naked, like Yue Chuanyue. Nguyen Jinhong of Haoru is her biggest selling point, the photo shoot go wild and sexy. 

The body has long been  covered with a tore -down T-shirt, Nguyen gold red and then shot tore it; her lips parted, eyes misty, put the "temptation", "salty" look, not lost Japanese AV. ▼ Vietnam Yaoyao sexy photo. (Map / Screenshot from Vietnam Yaoyao face book) one of them, her eyes closed, a scattered hair, naked and exposed on the left breast, only  some hair and Elly's fingertips cover the "small niplles", called this group photo selling point. However, some users have begun to response, "Vietnam Yaoyao" Do not take all your clothes off, if this last piece of clothing also pulled out, the secrets of this  of the goddess will completely disappear. ▼ 

vietnam sexy girl Ell tran ha generously took out one of her boobs. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jakarta - Dwi Andhika is in love. He admitted now fallen in love with a sexy model from Vietnam, Elly Tran. Unfortunately it is one-sided love. This was caused due to various love have run aground in the middle of the road.

"Fun to see him (Elly) abis-abis not praise him. So love is added to fall," he said when met at the launch of the online game "RAN Return 'in Barcode, La Codefin, Kemang, South Jakarta, Sunday (1/29/2012) .

"But because he was Vietnam's first, will be hard too see ya," he added.

Even so, the film stars 'Small Letter To God' is hoped the model could be returned to Indonesia. If that happens, Andhika Indonesia plans to take her familiar food.

Men born 3 April 1986 it was admitted today he was still alone. "No (girlfriend) a nobody, so courageous waiting for him (Elly) but I've never waiting for someone at the airport. But kalu-going for him would be," he concluded.
Jakarta - Dwi Andhika sedang dimabuk cinta. Ia mengaku kini tengah jatuh cinta dengan model seksi asal Vietnam, Elly Tran. Sayangnya, cinta sepertinya bertepuk sebelah tangan. Hal itu disebabkan lantaran berbagai perbedaanlah cintanya harus kandas di tengah jalan.

"Senanglah ketemu dia (Elly) nggak abis-abis muji dia. Jadi tambah jatuh cintalah," ungkapnya saat ditemui di peluncuran game online 'RAN Return' di Barcode, La Codefin, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (29/1/2012).

"Tapi karena pertama dia orang Vietnam, akan susah juga ketemu ya," tambahnya.

Meski begitu, bintang film 'Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan' tersebut berharap sang model bisa kembali ke Indonesia. Jika hal itu terjadi, Andhika berencana mengajaknya mengenal makanan Indonesia.

Pria kelahiran 3 April 1986 itu pun mengaku saat ini dirinya masih menjomblo. "Nggak ada (pacar) siapa-siapa, makanya berani nungguin dia (Elly) padahal aku nggak pernah nungguin orang di bandara. Tapi kalu buat dia mau-mau saja," pungkasnya.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elly tran ha taiwan photoshoot

Elly Tran Ha, our hot vietnamese cutie from ho chi minh, still goes through with her success formula: showing a lot of her voluptuous cleavages! That's what she was doing in last December, by posing again in sexy lingerie and bikini for her photobook. Lucky that there are some Elly Tran Ha's backstage pictures spread on the internet. The photoshot itself was taken place in Taiwan.

Previously, this Vietnamese model has said numerous times that she wants to take her game to the next level. "Deepest in the heart, Elly was always eager to make a difference. Elly does not want to just stop at the image is a hot girl and not want to like another hot girl in Vietnam. The difference can be very difficult but that Elly is trying so hard with the strongest determination," she said during an interview in 2009.

Although she still on her mainstream with modeling, it's a shame for you guys that Elly also said that nudity is not an option. "Up till now, I've noticed that having a good physical measurement is an advantage. Although there are many 'sexy' photos, I do not push it to the limit. I don't ever plan to take nude pictures to prove myself. I know where to set the boundaries when I get a photo-shoot invite."

Well, these lingerie and bikini pictures of Elly Tran Ha are the hottest that you'll get from her: