Monday, December 12, 2011

About: Elly Tran Ha

About: Elly Tran Ha (alos known as Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a beautiful model from the city in the south of Vietnam, Ho chi minh who recently got famous on the interNet as her photos are circulated. She is half Vietnamese and half Chinese, born in America but recently moved back to Vietnam where she works as a model while furthering her studies.

She rose to fame in 2009 after some of her pictures were posted on a famous Vietnamese blog. Elly swiftly became an overnight internet sensation till she was invited over to Korea for a gravure photo shoot. It's not hard to see why especially as Elly has an enviable cute face, petite and busty beautiful curved roundbody.

Within a short period, Elly arranged for herself with a lot of modeling jobs and even acting roles in the local television. The next phase of Elly Tran Ha's journey through the entertainment galaxy is definitely well underway. Elly stands at 1.68m tall with a figure of 37-24-35, she certainly stirred up the imagination of many men and women. A woman like Elly could no doubt increase tourism rates in Vietnam for men. this hot Vietnamese Girl is one of the most popular models in one of the developing countries in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, which had experienced the turmoil of war that make many casualties, now is trying to build their country in all fields.

One area that rapidly growing is entertainment world. Among the thousands of model and actress, appearing one name is Elly Tran Ha (Elly Kim Hong), the girl who has the sweetest smile in every her photo album and by the mass media in Vietnam is called the most sensual teenager in 2011. With the typical Asian face and skin smooth that can make charming every man, also with a fantastic body shape, making all her fans chuckle admiringly. Elly Tran Ha is a Celebrity Blog as a young photo model, became very popular among users of internet forums. Elly Tran Ha, Pretty and Sensual girl that born in 1993 is stated as one of the hottest photo models in her home country.

popular on internet with the search term “Elly Tran Ha Scandals ” There is no idea why that term is so popular. But, in fact, Elly Tran Ha , is one of most popular Asian Model in 2011. Elly Kim Hong was born in one of Vietnam’s major cities and not different from the others, Elly little bit awkward in her social. Along with her increasing age, Elly Kim Hong trying to learn towards maturity as an independent teenager. And now, as popular model, Elly Tran Ha makes a lot of sensual photo shoots.

Full name: Elly Tran Ha
Nationality: Vietnamese Birthday: 06-08-1987
Heigth: 168cm Weigth: 47kg

elly likes: modeling, Arts , Photography, and Chatting!

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