Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elly went to Korea for a Gravure/Gravia a Koreaon model magazine fotoshoot, where she stirred up the imagination of many men ( and women)!

She had a press conference on the 11th where she met the media, gave an interview and wore outrageously revealing outfits which surely left many of the photographers with nosebleeds during the photo taking. Get some tissues ready.

Some people say this about Elly:

"Surgery from head to toe, lookat her old photos of herself =/ her chin wasnt sharp, her eyes werent defined, her nose wasn't straight and pointy, her body wasnt curvy and her chest was flat. And her little sob story about her not having a lot of friends and being anti social was probably true, she was very average in her old photos. "

anothe rone posts this on a forum:

" she is super cute!

hmm idk, 400 range is my modest guess..

im not sure if they are implants or not. they do look like they could be real, but she is so tiny and her boobs are sooo ample."

but big boobs on small girls can happen the natural way.. lucky *******. LOL.

true or not?

who knows it better than Ely tran ha herselves!

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